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EIM Participates in NetDocuments Partner Training Day April 12, 2018

by Peter on Friday, April 27, 2018

I have to admit that when someone says they’re going to have an all day training – and it’s going to be on the web, my expectations come down just a bit.  Everybody knows that when you’re behind your computer for a full day of sessions, that it’s just too easy – maybe almost expected – that you’re not going to give your 100% full attention. It’s easy to multi-task and get distracted elsewhere when you’re not being watched!

So there I was, gearing up for a full day NetDocuments’ educational sessions for its partners.  The first thing I noticed was the rapport that was built with the attendees.  I knew some, but not all, of the presenters and found myself truly being educated by all.  I especially found Dan Hauck’s session on ndThread to be of great value because collaboration, especially internal to an organization, has become a beast which folks just don’t know how to tame.  Email was initially thought to be the tool but honestly, there’s just too much of it to keep up and the risk of missing something important is too great.  So what I learned from Dan about ndThread is that it reduces email significantly, allows you to comment and collaborate directly on documents and (maybe this is the best part), it will track and save discussions securely to each matter, including documents and emails.

Another great session was a walk-through of the product suite, with plenty of what, how, why, who & where each product would best fit.  A brief recap:

  • ndMail:  predictive cloud-based email filing solution
  • ndSync: allows a user to general a local copy of a workspace, filter, folder, etc.
  • ndThread:  workspace based communication and collaboration tool
  • ndMirror: a local copy of all ND content
  • ndFlexStore:  flexible data storage options

My hat is off to the other presenters who kept me interested (and alert) as the clock was hitting 5:15 PM.  And who wouldn’t love closing the day out by hearing about the benefits of having a single puppy?  Overall, another excellent partner event.

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