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Document Management vs. Case Management

by Megan on Thursday, April 10, 2014

EIM is happy to have David Little of Contentworker as our guest blogger.

Document Management vs. Case Management: are they really all that different? I’m always amazed that the DM vendors seem to ignore all case based info other than documents. There is other important data relevant to a matter such as dates, people, amounts, issues, etc. that should be captured. 

The same argument can be said for the case/matter management vendors. All they ever include is a basic file pointing ability. It seems to me they could easily add good document management capabilities including version control, application integration, security and other standard DM functionality. Instead they offer a separate product which is usually ‘document management lite’.

Finally Contentworker comes along and merges the two worlds! Contentworker is a SharePoint based document management system that includes case/matter management functionality. It’s about time a vendor stuck their toes in the water of both camps!  It has full DM functionality and tracks case information such as calendar events, people, discussions, tasks and so much more. The fact that it is based on SharePoint is an added bonus as we can use the product both internally and externally as an extranet solution. It’s about time that a vendor has embraced the SharePoint platform fully and offered so much legal specific functionality in a single product with an affordable price.

And did I mention how easy it is to deploy!? It’s all browser based which really reduces implementation, upgrade and maintenance costs!

Take a look here to learn even more about Contentworker – it represents the future of document and case/matter management!  

For more information, please call Debra Parrish at (212) 413-8640.


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