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by Peter on Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Where will DMS be in 5 years? While I can't say for sure, I can say the three trends below will certainly have an impact on the future of DMS.

1. Inclusion of multiple application types, particularly video, picture, and sound

IT will need to further grapple with the inclusion of these multiple application types. Both vendors and IT departments will need to adjust to this shift – in short to make it more streamlined in saving, searching, and handling these large and altogether different application files.

2. Thinner and more variety in client interfaces

One size will not continue to fit all. Whether its tablet users or occasional users, IT staff should prepare for offering a variety of DM app options. For instance, a part-time attorney who primarily works remotely might only interact with the DMS via the folders in a browser or a file sharing app.

3. Cloud

Imagine focusing on only client-oriented areas and devoting very little effort to other areas. Perhaps a future where a DM SaaS vendor allows users to choose their DM experience level – extreme, medium or light. Cloud offerings have the promise of allowing IT departments to focus on the client experience – a major shift for DM health checks and for changing the focus for DM-related IT efforts.

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