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EIM Solutions for Hospital OGC EIM Solutions for Hospital OGC

New Legal Document Management System Simplifies Information Flow for Hospital OGC

The Client

One of EIM’s clients is a major academic hospital that is consistently rated as one of the best in the nation by U.S. News & World Report, including national rankings in orthopedics, pulmonology, rehabilitation, and eight other specialties. The hospital provides services at five locations in the region and has almost 1,000 acute care beds. In the course of supporting the hospital’s many departments, the legal team processes an extremely high volume of information on a daily basis. Employees of the legal department struggled to organize and quickly retrieve documents and emails such as contracts, legal advice, guidelines, and hospital intellectual property.

The Solution

The OpenText eDOCS document management system saved valuable time for the hospital’s lawyers, who were impressed by how easy eDOCS made it to find and share their documents using one simple interface. Employees could now group documents together and locate specific files with an intuitive search. Sensitive documents could now be tagged for higher-level security, granting access to only specific people.

The Benefits

Information could now be easily shared with different departments and across physical locations, improving the organization’s day-to-day functions. The simplified flow of information now allows the staff to focus on their primary task of providing legal support, resulting in higher customer satisfaction. The legal department upgraded its overall productivity without hiring more employees. By introducing an innovative method of legal document management, the department improved the working environment for its employees and contributed to its vision of being an “employer of choice.” With these improvements, the hospital continued to demonstrate its commitment to excellence.

"For this hospital and associated Thomas Jefferson University, EIM introduced a simple interface for managing, locating and sharing documents. They immediately saw a productivity increase and an improved working environment for their employees. A simple solution with great benefits."

Peter Lieber, President, EIM International