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Proactive or Reactive?

by Faith on Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Do you notice that you or your staff are so busy putting out fires that progress on innovative projects is delayed or suffers? 

Making a transition from being a reactive organization to a proactive organization sounds daunting, but it does not need to be difficult.  Small steps that you can take now will cumulate to result in a shift toward improved response time, then add up until you find that you are able to find and address issues before your users report them.

There are several free or inexpensive tools to help you monitor the health of your system and provide advance warning of potential issues.  Emailed alerts regarding crashed services, excessive CPU or memory consumption, and SQL-specific monitoring and alerts can all be configured without the purchase of additional software or expensive network monitoring tools.  EIM offers eDOCS-specific heath tools, such as zero-byte file monitoring or full text indexing failure alerts, which provide specific indicators of the health of your ECM system.

Emailed alerts are an inexpensive way to begin your transition from a reactive position to a proactive mindset.  Contact EIM today to learn about how we can transform your content management environment with a self-reporting early warning system!



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