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A Day in the Life of an Office-Based Mobile Attorney

John the Attorney - a DMS hero?

John is a junior attorney in New York City. He faces a variety of challenges each day and utilizes his firm's document management software (DMS) to meet these tasks head on. The flexibility to take his work along with him, whether in or out of the office, has increased both his productivity and customer responsiveness. His day starts with a new deadline. Will his DMS mobility come through for him? Read below to find out:

To begin the day, John checks his email to get the latest update on his client's attempt to purchase the local minor league baseball team. The current owner has told John's client that if the deal is not completed by 9 a.m. tomorrow, the deal is off the table. The last remaining items in the purchase agreement have to be redrafted.

At the morning meeting, the senior partner assigns various aspects to be researched. While in the conference room, John accesses the document via his laptop from the DMS with no effort. The team reviews the clauses online together. John shows the outstanding clauses on the room projector. They agree to work individually and combine their efforts later in the day. Everyone understands the urgency - time is critical.

That afternoon, while attending to other matters, John starts to integrate the input from the other team members into the purchase agreement. One team member sends an email with a link to the document. John clicks on it and immediately edits the live document. Another team member emails John some text. With a few quick clicks, John copies and pastes the text into the document. Yet a third team member edits the document in co-authoring mode, which the DMS supports for multiple, simultaneous editors. John approves these edits. No need for a meeting - a relief. They just might meet the deadline.

John plans to meet the senior partner to discuss one outstanding specific term of the purchase agreement. John brings his laptop and comes prepared. He discusses the document in comparison with similar agreements the firm has crafted previously. The senior partner wants to see the language. On the spot, John accesses the relevant documents using a previously saved search. They review and discuss the specifics. The senior partner agrees to most clauses, and in short order he will work out one remaining issue with the other side. They are close to completion except for the one complex clause.

The senior partner asks for time to edit the wording himself. Oh, no! This may delay the deal. One time-saver is the fact that the document is saved on the firm's DMS. John simply tells him the document ID so the senior partner can pull it up on his computer with ease.

That evening, John is at his daughter's little league game and hasn't heard from the senior partner. While there he hears from the partner that he has updated the last outstanding wording. The partner asks John to deliver the full document ASAP. John works from his smartphone to access the DMS and emails the document for the other side to review - hopefully the final review.

Within the hour, John gets an email with a redline copy containing one final edit. He calls the senior partner who relays his approval. Now home, John has one more step to complete. He opens the redline copy from his email and saves it as a new version in the DMS. He does one final bit of formatting and emails the agreement to all parties. It will be ready for approval when they arrive at their offices at 9 a.m.! John, with his mobile-enabled DMS, succeeds.

Modern technology allows those in the legal field the flexibility to take their work along with them, whether they are in or out of the office. Documents are the lifeblood of any law firm, and with mobile-enabled DMS attorneys can search for and share them from anywhere. A DMS is a safe and smart way to streamline productivity and organization. EIM International offers solutions that simplify the business of document management on the go. With 20 years of experience, EIM International is a dedicated, caring expert in the field of document management. Contact us today for more information.