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Cranfill Sumner & Hartzog LLP Cranfill Sumner & Hartzog LLP

Law Firm Relies on EIM for Efficient, Effective and Smooth transition to NetDocuments

Cranfill Sumner & Hartzog LLP (CSH Law) is a litigation firm with more than 80 attorneys serving clients across North Carolina and beyond.  With 3 offices and 26 different practice areas, they are highly regarded for their professionalism by their colleagues and other members of the local and state bars across North Carolina. CSH Law had a straightforward information policy in place:  all Firm content must be stored in the document management system.  From the Firm’s perspective, once content was in the DM, it should be organized and easy to find. The DM system should function so that staff could perform their work without obstacles or non-useful intricacies.  Other areas of concern were the day-to-day administration of the current system software and hardware and the desire to lessen the internal workload.

The Solution

These requirements attracted CSH Law to NetDocuments. They sought the benefits of reduced efforts on upgrades, back-end systems, hardware maintenance, backup operations, and the ability to keep continuity and access available anytime and anywhere. CSH Law found that NetDocuments was the solution that addressed these challenges across the Firm.

CSH Law understood the complexities when moving from one DM system to another and enlisted the expertise of EIM International. Guiding CSH Law from design to migration to implementation and training, EIM was involved in every step of the process.  In particular, EIM provided extensive analysis and preparation for the migration of data and documents.  A streamlined process was developed, ensuring a fully functioning system immediately following migration and ensuring that CSH Law users could easily locate documents in the new NetDocuments environment.   Focused training sessions, led by Roberta Gelb and her team from Chelsea Office Systems, gave users the ability to quickly adapt to and embrace NetDocuments. 

The Benefits

CSH Law found that by implementing NetDocuments, it also supported additional policies, such as working towards becoming a paperless organization.  With that in mind, the Firm saw that NetDocuments lent itself to an organized data model where users can easily tag and organize data that is relevant to them on a personalized home page so that everything was simply right in front of them when they need it.  The simplicity of how NetDocuments does that and allows the users to do that has increased their productivity by its simplicity. 

"It was a solidly planned event we and EIM formulated, and by the time we were done with the first office, we had a streamlined process and migrated entire offices overnight. Users came into a fully functioning system on Monday. It was one of the smoothest en masse transitions in the way they (staff) work that we've experienced.

Sam LaRoche, Director of IT