About Us


Peter Lieber, President and Principal

Peter is responsible for setting the overall vision, direction and strategy for EIM. In addition to corporate leadership, Peter provides some of the world's largest corporations and law firms with EIM/ECM strategic planning and business analysis. With over 25 years of industry experience, Peter's expertise in crafting solutions designed to meet the needs of EIM's customers have gained him recognition in the industry and he is a highly respected technology speaker.

Debra Parrish, Executive Director

Debra possesses an in-depth knowledge of the client and user community, having served in several well-respected legal and corporate IT organizations. Debra now leads EIM in several key customer and internal contexts and is responsible for establishing and maintaining positive customer relationships through business development and marketing efforts as well as overseeing office operations. As a member of the firm's management committee, she participates in setting strategic goals, management planning and technology direction.

Lois Horwitz, Program Manager

Lois draws on her expertise in project management, business operations, and information technology to deliver highly successful solutions to client needs. She interprets business goals into technical requirements, and delivers solutions. Her effectiveness results from a keen focus on the linkages between business productivity and technology, the result of many years as the manager responsible for delivering that productivity. As Program Manager, Lois is responsible for the people and processes that deliver results.