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Enterprise Information Management

EIM helps clients effectively implement Enterprise Information Management solutions that allow them to organize, control, access and share critical information seamlessly and securely.

Using our technical expertise and in-depth industry knowledge, we create solutions that are user-friendly, intuitive and straightforward. We implement powerful features that clients can easily access however they need – from desktops, laptops, tablets, or mobile devices.

Many of our clients consider EIM a part of their extended team. We work with their staff to identify objectives and map out strategic plans that ultimately lead to a successful project. Together, we delve into the business need and identify the value proposition. Once available technology options have been explored and the right fit is found, we provide technical expertise where needed.

  • Document Management – When you need a document management vendor for implementing or upgrading your existing software such as NetDocuments, OpenText, or iManage, we stand ready. We provide information on the merits of the upgrade, the project planning and flow, and the art of minimizing disruption to your end users. Our experience in this area enables you to tackle technical complexity and multiple moving parts and results in a smooth and efficient outcome.We are experts on governance, including security and records retention.
  • Email Management – The management of email in an organization requires the melding of company policies, client-driven responsibilities, and responsive technology. Our consultants are well-versed in every touch point -- from participating in business discussions with internal-policy makers to delivering solid technology solutions for managing the flow of large email stores.
  • SharePoint Integration – Accessing your content via SharePoint can be direct and efficient with EIM as your technology partner. We work with you to take your vision to reality. Microsoft and third parties have given SharePoint document management vast possibilities. EIM helps lay out SharePoint solutions, including SharePoint DMS, Search and Records Center, and provides a practical implementation path for presenting and accessing information.