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Kane Kessler Accelerates Cloud Strategy with NetDocuments

In order to ensure that the needs of the users were met, Kane Kessler partnered with EIM International, a long-time NetDocuments integration partner. They established focus groups across each of their departments, incorporating various users from managing partners to legal assistants. This collaboration was maintained throughout the planning and project phases. The team identified practices and preferences which led to firm-wide adoption of the NetDocuments platform. 

According to the Firm, selecting a cloud solution went a long way in addressing specific security requirements. Ultimately, the Firm realized that NetDocuments would fulfill these needs since they are cloud-built and provided Kane Kessler’s users the technology to best manage client work.

“One thing that has always impressed us about Kane Kessler is the desire of the firm’s attorneys to roll up their sleeves when it comes to technology selection, advocacy and adoption,” stated Debra Parrish, Executive Director, EIM International. “Right from the beginning, the firm’s managing partners provided the executive buy-in necessary to make this entire project a success.”

Since the firm’s NetDocuments roll-out, feedback has been extremely positive.  Users are able to work more efficiently while complying with information governance policies. “Integration and adoption of new technology, especially one which provides for advanced security protocols, can be a challenge, but we stood by our mission throughout the project.  With NetDocuments, you can work from anywhere, at  any time on your documents in a secure environment.,” concluded Ms. Rickie Abrams, the Firm’s Administrator.

“Kane Kessler is benefiting from ‘the power of one’ concept of the cloud, just like our other 2,500+ customers,” stated Marc Duncan, NetDocuments’ Vice President of Strategic Sales. “NetDocuments is an agile, future-proof cloud solution designed to address the technology priorities of all law firms.”


With EIM's efforts, "you can work from anywhere, at any time on your documents in a secure environment."

Ms. Rickie Abrams, Firm Administrator