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Best Authority® from Levit & James

Best Authority is the industry's leading legal document management product for creating a Table of Authorities. EIM uses Best Authority to help clients – from law firms to government agencies – quickly and easily build accurate Tables of Authorities (TOA) in a Microsoft® Word.

Why Best Authority?

  • Automatically finds and marks all citations in a document.
  • Unique Draft Review helps you quickly find and fix incorrect formatted citations.
  • Produces a fully-proofed Table of Authorities 4 to 8 times faster than any other product.
  • Formats the Table of Authorities any way you want. It is the only product which can automatically format a Table of Authorities for every U.S. Court.
  • No need to repeat previous edits when you rerun a document (Premium Edition only).
  • Saves you a great deal of time and money.
  • Highly reliable software and industry-leading technical support.
  • Easy to learn during your free evaluation.
  • Two Editions: Premium and Light.