EIM is an expert in the integration of OpenText products, such as eDOCS DM, that help organizations consolidate content in a unified enterprise knowledge base for easy access and retrieval.

eDOCS DM enables users to capture, organize, locate and share business content in a secure, integrated, and intuitive environment. Some of the capabilities include:

  • Email Management: eDOCS DM enables organizations to organize and classify email within the document repository while complying with corporate governance, privacy, and other requirements.
  • Records Management: eDOCS DM offers a complete records management solution to address legal and regulatory issues around records, mitigate business risk and avoid the costs associated with improper record handling.
  • Collaboration: eDOCS provides a highly secure, web-based collaborative workspace that allows dispersed teams across and beyond the enterprise to work together more effectively and productively.
  • Document Imaging: By transforming paper-based documents into digital knowledge assets, eDOCS DM dramatically reduces the cost of filing, storing, and retrieving paper documents.
  • Business Process Management: eDOCS increases productivity by automating complex, recurring and user-driven processes while minimizing the costs of document creation, review and handling, as well as administrative tasks.
  • Engineering Document Management: Seamless integration with AutoCAD enables organizations to work more effectively with engineering documents by incorporating them into enterprise document repositories for easy organization and retrieval.

To help manage and control your OpenText document management environment, EIM has created various custom solutions. Please click here to learn more.

EIM also implements OpenText legal solutions to support law firms’ business practices and compliance needs throughout the matter lifecycle, from client intake through final disposition.

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eDOCS DM contains many new features and usability improvements that will help to improve your eDOCS experience. This includes:

  • Superior User Experience: A reimagined and redesigned user experience makes managing content easy and intuitive. 
  • Productivity Improvements: A unique forms rendering approach allows users to spend less time categorizing their documents and more time contributing content to them. 
  • Enhanced Search Functions: The new simplified search forms enhance the searching experience. A new combined metadata, content and Boolean search wizard allows for simpler day-to-day search operations. 
  • Ease of Administration: The new DM Management Studio enables Administrators to be more efficient in the management of eDOCS DM systems.

Click here to view all highlights of eDOCS DM 10 new features.

Customers and partners can download the documentation, fixed issues list, release notes, and software from the OpenText Knowledge Center (KC) by visiting the link below: 

News: OpenText brings AI-powered search to eDOCS