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Why a Document Management System?


Many businesses in the 21st century receive, share, process, and store information on a daily basis. They rely on this document-based information for their business to operate. A document management system [DMS] is software that allows the ability to track, manage and store documents. Think of a DMS as an electronic filing cabinet that provides a framework for organizing all digital and paper documents. It allows users quick access to any document or file using sophisticated search capabilities. Regardless of the industry or the size of your company, if you rely on electronic or paper files for day to day operation your business can benefit from a document management system.

Let us look over the benefits of having a document management system in your business. Starting with the ability to increase or boost productivity throughout your company as a DMS allows your workers to accomplish more. A DMS can make paperwork processing routines more efficient and allow for greater organization of digital files, which in return allows you the ability to direct resources into more productive areas. Did you know that:

  • 7.5% of all documents get lost
  • 3% of all documents get misfiled
  • An average U.S. executive wastes up to six weeks per year retrieving misplaced information

With a document management system, you do not have to worry about losing or misplacing files. Also, the time to find these files is quicker and allows you to deliver results faster than paper or electronic files outside of a DMS.

The collaboration and sharing of documents quickly and easily internally between employees and externally between multiple companies’ is crucial. A document management system delivers the ability to share individual documents or entire files in an intuitive way in a short amount of time. An online workspace means the ability to access your company’s important files securely on the go, using any web enabled device; smartphone or tablet. Document management software allows you to virtually work from anywhere and still be able to share files with coworkers and access data while away from the office.

An example of a Collaborative DMS-based Workspace


DMS boast security features that can help improve your company’s ability to secure confidential information. Today you have the ability to have document management software in the cloud with multiple security features. This data is protected from server crashes, power outages and is even backed up by IT professionals in case of failures. The user interface and administrative tools give full functionality over increased security and control of your data. For example, you have the ability to set security guidelines or standards when sending confidential information to another coworker or a worker from another company. The ability to impose a security restriction on a confidential document such as: read only, read/write or the ability to limit sending a file via email without permission. In conclusion, here are a few benefits in which a document management system will deliver for your company. No company is the same and no document management system is the same, you have to decide which DMS would be a perfect fit for your company. If you rely on electronic documents for day to day operations, then a document management system will be valuable for your company.

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